Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Flexvill LTD's Terms and Conditions. These terms outline the mutual understanding and agreement between Flexvill LTD and our valued users. By engaging with our services, you acknowledge and consent to abide by these terms. We encourage you to carefully review these conditions to ensure a clear comprehension of our partnership. Your continued use of our offerings signifies your acceptance of these terms, fostering a harmonious and transparent relationship between us.

If you find yourself unsure about which specific terms and conditions are applicable to your particular circumstances, we invite you to connect with our dedicated team at +447449235449. They are more than willing to assist you by providing detailed explanations, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the terms that pertain to your situation. Your comfort and understanding are our top priorities, and we are here to make sure you have all the information you need.

Flexvill's Terms & Conditions

We strive for utmost transparency in our interactions with all valued customers. Hence, we want to specifically direct your attention to clause 8, where we meticulously outline the extent of liability held by Flexvill LTD and our esteemed partners toward you. It's our earnest intention to ensure you are fully informed, particularly in scenarios where certain limitations to liability may come into play.

1. The Terms

1.1 Scope of these Agreements

These constitute our set of conditions and regulations (Agreements) under which we, representing our Partners, commit to furnishing you with Transport Services, and we offer you Booking Services, acting as a Private or Business Customer.

1.2 Reasons to Review These Terms.

Further Inland: These pertain to Domestic Transport Services offered within the geographical confines of the United Kingdom. This includes not only land-based transportation but also covers ferry or waterway crossings.

Flexvill LTD/Our/Us/We: This refers specifically to Flexvill LTD, a business entity with a more comprehensive set of details provided in section 2.1 of the documentation.

Instant Quote: This denotes the estimated cost presented to you by Flexvill as per the stipulations laid out in section 2.5.1. Additionally, any extra charges that are detailed in clause 2.5.4 are included in this context.

Flexvill Platform: This term signifies our dedicated online platform, which can be accessed by visiting the website flexvill.com.

Reservation: This refers to the affirmative response provided by Flexvill upon the evaluation and acceptance of your Booking Request.

Booking Inquiry: the formal solicitation for Transport Services through the completion and submission of a Booking Inquiry Form.

Booking Inquiry Form: the structured procedure on the Flexvill Platform that you will finalize and send to Flexvill LTD. This form furnishes Flexvill LTD with the necessary particulars essential for generating the Flexvill Quote you seek.

Reservation Services: Our facilitation of our online platform and the reservation technology, linking you with Our Collaborators and granting you the ability to secure Transport Services.

Extensive Inventory Roster: a thorough and comprehensive roster enumerating every item and asset designated for transportation, whether by us or by our Partners.

Comprehensive Insurance Package: an all-encompassing insurance package that can be obtained in alignment with section 9.2.

Agreement: a legally binding agreement that encompasses these Stipulations, is established between you and Flexvill LTD (in our individual capacity) for the delivery of Reservation Services, as well as between you and Flexvill LTD on behalf of Our Collaborator for the provision of Transport Services. This Agreement comes into effect once we have acknowledged your Booking Inquiry, furnished you with a Flexvill Quote, and you have verified your intention to proceed with a Pricing Choice.

Client Support Team: Our specialized Team for Customer Assistance, with complete contact information available in section 2.2.

Inland: Transport Services of a domestic nature offered within the borders of the United Kingdom, excluding any journeys that necessitate water crossings (including ferry voyages).

Modification: A modification refers to any alteration, change, or exclusion affecting the selected service, encompassing various facets of the Transport Services provision. These modifications can encompass a wide range of aspects, including but not limited to adjustments in dates, time slots, contact particulars, pickup and delivery addresses, floor levels, items designated for delivery, items intended for collection, specifications of items, and any specialized instructions that may be necessary.

Hourly Rate Job: This term holds the meaning as elucidated in section 4 of the documentation.

Hourly Rate Vehicle: The interpretation of this term aligns with the definition provided in section 4.3.

International: Transport Services extended outside the borders of the United Kingdom or those that lead to Our Partners engaging in any part of the Transport Services delivery beyond the geographical limits of the United Kingdom.

Insurer: Refers to Zurich Insurance Plc, the designated entity providing insurance coverage.

Job Number: Upon the confirmation of your Booking Request, Flexvill LTD will assign a unique and distinct Job Number, exclusively allocated to your specific booking.

Job Sheet: The Job Sheet stands as an official document serving to validate the completion of the Transport Services, ensuring that the services were rendered to a satisfactory standard.

Collaborator/Collaborators: Refers to the transport providers who agree to furnish the Transport Services to you as per the terms stipulated in the Agreement. Flexvill LTD functions as their agent in this context.

Price: The monetary value that you are required to remit to Flexvill LTD (on behalf of our Partner) for the Transport Services. This amount is based on the acceptance of a specific Pricing Option, in addition to any mutually agreed-upon adjustments that may apply.

Pricing Options: These are the various alternatives for pricing that are made available to you, in line with the provisions outlined in clause 2.5.1.

Private Customer: You are categorized as a Private Customer if you are an individual who is entering into an agreement for the provision of the Services. This agreement is primarily or significantly oriented towards your personal use and is distinct from any intention to employ the services in connection with your professional activities, trade, business operations, craft, or any form of specialized expertise.

Services: This term is all-encompassing, referring to either the Transport Services or the Booking Service, depending on the specific context in which it is used.

Transport Services: Within this definition lie the comprehensive range of services offered by our Collaborators. These services revolve around the transportation of your possessions through road-based transport mechanisms.

Urgent Booking: An Urgent Booking is a reservation that is made with less than forty-eight hours' notice, indicating a pressing need for rapid arrangement and execution.

Van Size: The concept of "Van Size" pertains to the option provided within the Booking Request Form, especially relevant when you are inquiring about an Hourly Rate Job. This option empowers you to select the optimal van size for the transportation of your goods, based on your own assessments and considerations. It stands as a contrasting alternative or a supplementary choice alongside a Comprehensive Inventory List.

Volume Size: "Volume Size" refers to the selection available within the Booking Request Form, offering you the flexibility to specify the volume of goods you intend to have transported. This measurement can be indicated in terms of cubic meters or cubic feet, and it serves as an alternative or an additional option to a Comprehensive Inventory List.

It's important to note that any mention of written communication encompasses various channels such as email, live chat, and traditional postal correspondence.

2. Details Regarding and How to Get in Touch with Flexvill LTD

2.1 Insight into Our Identity

At the core of our existence is Flexvill LTD, a legally established entity with its roots firmly grounded in England and Wales. Our official incorporation number stands as 06837274, and our designated headquarters resides at the distinguished address that can be found on our Contact-us page: Click here. This locale serves as a testament to our commitment to operational transparency and accessibility. Furthermore, our identity is further underlined by our VAT registration number, GB 979270568, which underscores our compliance with regulatory obligations.

2.2 Connecting with Us

To establish seamless communication and bridge the gap between your queries and our dedicated assistance, there are multiple avenues open to you:

  • Telephone: You can conveniently contact us at the number +447449235449. Our Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing responsive support, addressing your concerns and inquiries with utmost diligence.
  • Traditional Correspondence: Your thoughts and inquiries can be conveyed via postal mail. Address them to Flexvill LTD, situated at the distinguished locale that can be found on our Contact-us page: Click here. This ensures a tangible and reliable channel for your communications.
  • Digital Correspondence: Our digital doors are open for you through the avenue of email. Reach out to us at info@flexvill.com, and rest assured, your messages will be met with prompt attention and comprehensive responses.
  • Virtual Interaction: Seamlessly access our dedicated online platform by visiting flexvill.com. Here, you'll find an array of resources, services, and channels to further facilitate your interaction with us.

2.3 Our Communication Approach to Reach You.

In situations where the need arises for us to initiate communication with you, our method of contact encompasses several channels for your convenience. We will reach out through telephone communication, connecting with you directly through voice interaction. Additionally, we will employ written correspondence, forwarding messages to the email address or postal address that you have specified within your Booking Request Form.

Furthermore, to ensure prompt and efficient communication, we will also utilize text messages, sending them to the mobile number you have provided in the same Booking Request Form. This multifaceted approach is designed to cater to your preferred mode of communication and to facilitate seamless and timely interactions between us.

2.4 Engagement of Private Customers: Clarifying Our Role

  • In the context of Private Customers, a distinct framework shapes our engagement. When you, as a Private Customer, enter into a contractual arrangement with Flexvill LTD, this interaction is predicated upon a specific premise: Flexvill LTD assumes the role of an intermediary, acting as the conduit between you and our network of Partners for the purpose of orchestrating Transport Services.

  • Within this framework, it's important to understand the fundamental dynamics. When you initiate a Contract with Flexvill LTD, it's predicated on the understanding that we are functioning as the agent of our Partners. This agency role signifies that we do not carry the direct responsibility for executing the Transport Services themselves, nor do we bear the liability associated with them. Instead, our purpose is to facilitate the contractual relationship between you and our Partners, thereby creating a bridge that enables the provision of Transport Services.

  • To clarify, the authorization granted to Flexvill LTD by our Partners empowers us to act on their behalf in establishing this Contract with you. This signifies that the Contract delineates the legal parameters binding you and the Partner, and we facilitate the process as their representative.

  • In acknowledgment of our role as an intermediary, we do retain a portion of the payment as compensation for our agency function. This retained amount reflects the difference between the Price you pay and the rate charged by the Partner.

  • It's crucial to embrace the distinct nature of our involvement. Flexvill LTD does not directly provide Transport Services to Private Customers. Instead, our role revolves around delivering a Booking Service, effectively connecting you with our Partner network. Through this intermediary function, we bridge the gap, facilitating communication and coordination between you and our Partner for the seamless execution of Transport Services.

2.5 The Flexvill Quote: Tailored Pricing Options for Your Convenience

  • Embarking on the journey of our Booking Service, Flexvill LTD extends its commitment to providing you with a range of Price Options that are carefully crafted to suit your unique needs. These Price Options, an integral part of our service, are intricately tailored to mirror the specifics you provide while completing the Booking Request Form. The diversity in Price Options is contingent upon a variety of factors, including the timing of your request and the designated collection and/or completion date that you have in mind.

  • Reflecting our dedication to flexibility and customer satisfaction, Flexvill LTD offers the leeway for amendments to your booking, allowing you to make changes up to forty-eight hours prior to the stipulated date for the Transport Services. It's important to bear in mind that certain changes might incur additional charges. In circumstances where the delivery address you provide poses challenges in terms of accessibility, and communication through the telephone number furnished in your Booking Request Form is unfeasible, our Partner retains the discretion to decide whether to proceed with the provision of Transport Services or potentially cancel them. This course of action is taken if you remain unreachable and inaccessible for a span of fifteen minutes. In such cases, the entitlement to a refund is relinquished, and any pending payments for Services yet to be rendered become immediately due and payable.

  • In situations where you necessitate alterations within a window of less than forty-eight hours prior to the Transport Services date, and we are able to accommodate these changes, it's important to note that additional charges may apply.

  • Should our Partner arrive at the ultimate destination for the delivery of goods and encounter a delay in completing the delivery within a period of fifteen minutes (or thirty minutes for house removals), Flexvill LTD, on behalf of our Partner, reserves the right to levy a storage fee of £20 per day. If the goods continue to remain in our possession beyond a span of ninety days, Flexvill LTD holds the authority to make a decision regarding the sale or appropriate disposition of the goods.

  • It's prudent to be aware that the potential for additional charges arises if the initially requested Transport Services diverge from those that are ultimately confirmed upon the Partner's arrival. In cases where the nature of the required Transport Services substantially differs from what is outlined in the Booking Request Form, our Partner maintains the right to exercise their prerogative and terminate the Contract.

  • It's worth noting that expenses such as fees or taxes mandated by government entities (particularly in the context of international goods movement), customs duties, or port storage charges are not encompassed within the quoted price. It's a shared understanding that neither Flexvill LTD nor our Partner bears responsibility for the financial implications of such costs.

  • For any outstanding charges arising from these Terms, if they have not been settled, the expectation is that these payments will be addressed within a five-day period from the date of the actual Transport Services.

  • Should any inquiries arise or should you seek elucidation on the intricate details pertaining to the additional charges highlighted in this clause, our dedicated Customer Care team is at your service. You are encouraged to reach out, engage in discussion, and have your queries resolved in a comprehensive manner.

2.6 If Flexvill LTD is Unable to Confirm Your Booking

In situations where Flexvill LTD encounters challenges in securing a Partner who is willing and available to undertake the Transport Services you have requested, or if a previously engaged Partner decides not to proceed with your Booking Request, rest assured that you will receive timely communication about this circumstance. This communication will be delivered either in writing or through a direct telephone call.

As an intrinsic part of our commitment to customer service, Flexvill LTD will diligently employ reasonable efforts to explore alternatives and find another suitable Partner who can fulfill the Transport Services on your behalf. However, it's important to note that the decision to accept or confirm your Booking Request remains within the realm of Flexvill LTD's discretion, as well as that of our affiliated Partners.

2.7 Your Unique Booking Identifier

Once your Booking Request is successfully processed and confirmed, Flexvill LTD will assign you a distinct Booking Identifier, also known as a Job Number. This specialized identifier will be communicated to you for reference purposes. We kindly request that you utilize this Job Number whenever you need to communicate with Flexvill LTD regarding your booking. This identifier streamlines communication and ensures that all relevant details are readily accessible, making the entire process smoother and more efficient.

3. Services and Our Agreement with You

3.1 Making Your Reservation

As described earlier, as a part of our Booking Services, Flexvill LTD will furnish you with a range of Price Options tailored to your specific requirements, as communicated through the Booking Request Form. The particulars you provide in the Booking Request Form are instrumental in generating the Price Options. It is important to note that any modifications made to the information initially submitted in the Booking Request Form could potentially lead to adjustments in the Price.

When you opt for a specific Price Option that aligns with your preferences and furnish Flexvill LTD with your payment particulars, this action results in the establishment of a contractual arrangement between you, Flexvill LTD, and Our Partner. This contractual agreement empowers us to convey to the relevant Partner your acceptance of the chosen Price Option and their subsequent commitment to executing the Transport Services for you, as agreed upon in exchange for the stipulated Price.

3.2 Our Offered Services: Delivering Excellence in Every Detail

Our commitment to providing you with comprehensive and reliable services is at the heart of Flexvill LTD's mission. As you engage with our Booking Services, we strive to ensure that your experience is characterized by efficiency, clarity, and utmost satisfaction.

  • The Journey Begins

    The journey starts with our Partner's arrival at the address you provide. Whether it's a residential or commercial location, our Partner will be there, as scheduled in your Booking, or at any other date and time that you subsequently communicate to us. We understand that flexibility is key, and adjustments to the timing of the Transport Services are honored, provided they are within reason. Any modifications to the timing might lead to adjustments in the Price. Rest assured, any changes to the Price will be communicated to you well in advance, ensuring transparency and clarity in our partnership.

  • Comprehensive Inventory List

    Once our Partner is on-site, their responsibilities encompass the loading and transportation of the goods specified in the Comprehensive Inventory List. This list acts as our guiding document, ensuring that your belongings are handled with care and precision. However, it's essential to be mindful that the goods loaded are those that have been explicitly included in your Comprehensive Inventory List. Any items not included in the list fall outside the scope of our accountability, a principle that holds true for any discrepancies related to Volume Size or Van Size as initially detailed in your Booking Request Form.

  • Flexibility and Payments

    Flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach, and this extends to any changes you might wish to make to your Booking. Be it minor adjustments or significant changes, we are here to accommodate your needs. However, we kindly request that all payments related to these changes adhere to the stipulations outlined in Clause 6.1. To maintain the integrity of our processes, our Partners are not authorized to accept payments directly.

  • Delivery and Accountability

    The delivery of your goods is a pivotal moment, and we take great care to ensure they reach you in the same condition they were packed or prepared for transportation. If, under any circumstance, the condition of your goods upon delivery does not meet your expectations, our comprehensive Clause 8 comes into play. It's your assurance that we take accountability seriously and strive to address any concerns you might have.

  • Claim Process and Price Transparency

    In cases where damage is suspected to be caused by our Partner's actions, we request prompt written notification, accompanied by substantial evidence of the damage and the subsequent loss in value. This notification should be provided within seven days following the completion of the Transport Services. While we uphold our commitment to addressing valid claims, it's important to note that claims submitted beyond this timeframe fall outside the purview of liability, as defined in Clause 8.

  • Transparent Price Options

    Our Price Options are designed to offer you transparency and inclusivity. They cover a range of costs, including moving expenses, driver fees, and fuel charges. Should you require details about any additional services we offer, we invite you to explore the Flexvill Site (flexvill.com) or engage with our responsive Customer Care Team.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental responsibility is central to our ethos. In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, we retain the right to consolidate resources and minimize pollution by potentially delivering goods alongside those of other customers in a single van.

  • Estimated Delivery Times and Home Setup Services

    While we provide estimated delivery times and live tracking information, we advise using these as guidance rather than absolute guarantees. Factors beyond our control might occasionally impact these estimations, and we appreciate your understanding in such situations.

    Additionally, as part of our dedication to ensuring a seamless transition, all removal customers are entitled to 'home setup services' at no extra charge. These services encompass various aspects of setting up your new space, including notifying local authorities of your change of occupancy for council tax and utilities. Furthermore, we assist in arranging optional services like broadband, TV, phone, insurance, and home care, as well as any other moving-related needs specified in your Booking Request Form. These 'Home Setup Services' are facilitated by Movinghub Limited (trading as Movinghub UK) on Flexvill LTD's behalf, providing you with a well-rounded support system. We respect your privacy and, in compliance with our policies, your contact information might be shared with Movinghub for the purpose of coordinating these services.

  • Your Journey with Flexvill LTD

    In your journey with Flexvill LTD, we are dedicated to excellence, transparency, and your overall satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, our responsive Customer Care team is just a call or message away, ready to assist you comprehensively.

3.3 Services Not Offered by Flexvill LTD

  • Flexvill LTD prioritizes the safety of our Partners above all else. For instance, our Partners will not enter premises that lack proper lighting, flooring, or safe access pathways, as we are committed to maintaining their well-being during service provision.

  • Transporting living beings, be they animals or people, is not within the scope of our services, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing by Flexvill LTD before confirming your Booking Request. Similarly, our Partners will refrain from engaging in tasks for which they lack the necessary qualifications.

  • The transportation of items deemed illegal, stolen, or hazardous is strictly prohibited by Flexvill LTD. This encompasses goods that, in our reasonable judgment, pose potential risks to our vehicles, drivers, or any other assets. Additionally, we do not transport items that necessitate specialized knowledge or equipment for safe transport. Should such items be transported without our Partners' knowledge, they hold the right to dispose of or destroy them, while charging you for any associated costs. In compliance with legal requirements, Flexvill and its Partners will report such goods to relevant authorities.

  • Goods that require special licenses or government permissions for transport are subject to stringent regulations. You must provide all necessary documentation, and we require prior notice and written agreement for such transportation. While Flexvill and its Partners will not accept liability for loss or damage to these goods, you will be responsible for compensating us or our Partners for any losses incurred due to unauthorized transportation. If such goods are transported without proper authorization, you will indemnify Flexvill against any charges, expenses, damages, or penalties arising from such actions.

  • Storage of goods is governed by our policies as outlined in clause 8.9 and clause 10, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior to or during the Booking process, and subsequently confirmed in writing by Flexvill LTD. Additional charges may apply based on the duration of storage.

  • The dismantling or assembly of furniture is not included in our standard services unless expressly agreed upon in writing prior to or at the time of Booking, or subsequently confirmed in writing by Flexvill LTD.

  • Our Partners do not handle tasks involving the disconnection, reconnection, dismantling, or reassembly of appliances, fixtures, fittings, or equipment.

  • The handling of carpets or floor coverings, including laying or lifting them, is beyond the scope of our services.

  • The relocation of planters and large outdoor pots requires prior written agreement either before or during the Booking process, and subsequent written confirmation by Flexvill LTD.

  • The relocation of aerials or satellite dishes necessitates prior written consent before or during the Booking process, and subsequent written confirmation by Flexvill LTD.

  • It is important to note that our Partners are not compelled to drive for more than nine hours per day. Any decision to do so is at their discretion, ensuring the safety and well-being of their drivers, as well as compliance with relevant legislation governing the provision of Transport Services.

3.4 Flexvill LTD's Supplementary Services

Flexvill LTD and its affiliated Partners are pleased to offer you a range of supplementary services designed to enhance your experience. These services, available for booking through Flexvill LTD, encompass a variety of options aimed at providing you with comprehensive support. Some of the additional services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage (refer to clause 9)
  • Packing Services
  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Goods
  • Storage Solutions
  • Enclosed Transportation for Vehicles

If you find yourself in need of any of these supplementary services, we encourage you to make use of the convenience they offer. To ensure a seamless process, these services must be booked in accordance with the guidelines outlined in these Terms (as detailed in clause 3).

For comprehensive information about the range of additional services and to make bookings, please visit our site flexvill.com or get in touch with our dedicated Customer Care team at +447449235449. Should you choose to proceed with the booking of any supplementary services, rest assured that they will be governed by the same set of Terms that you are familiar with.

3.5 Service Provision by Flexvill LTD

  • Flexvill LTD's commitment to exceptional service is underpinned by its collaboration with a carefully chosen network of approved Partners. These Partners play a crucial role in upholding the company's standards of quality, reliability, and professionalism. A meticulous evaluation process led by the Partner management team ensures that these Partners align with the commitment to delivering high-quality services to customers.

  • The selection of Partners is based on rigorous criteria, encompassing their expertise in transportation, adherence to safety protocols, and a track record of dependable service provision. Their ability to handle diverse goods, maintain item integrity during transport, and provide excellent customer service is thoroughly assessed. This stringent evaluation process is driven by the aim of offering top-notch services to valued customers.

  • Flexvill LTD's dedication to customer satisfaction drives its commitment to carefully selecting Partners. Recognizing the impact of service providers on customer experiences, the company seeks to ensure every aspect of interaction with Flexvill LTD is seamless and trustworthy.

  • By entrusting approved Partners with the responsibility of transportation, Flexvill LTD fosters an efficient service ecosystem. This collaborative approach enables the company to deliver a comprehensive range of services while maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism. In essence, the network of approved Partners serves as a cornerstone of Flexvill LTD's commitment to excellence, bolstering its reputation as a dependable and customer-centric transportation solution provider.

4. Hourly Rate Jobs

4.1 In addition to our spectrum of services, Flexvill LTD, together with our Partners, presents an Hourly Rate Service (Hourly Rate Job). This feature empowers our clients to opt for Services based on time durations, as outlined below. It's worth noting that this Clause 4 exclusively pertains to Hourly Rate Jobs and exclusively concerns customers who choose to reserve such jobs, in accordance with the terms specified in this clause.

4.2 Should you opt for an Hourly Rate Job with Flexvill LTD, the process entails completing the Booking Request Form with precision and providing a detailed summary of the specific Transport Services you require. It's crucial to furnish the form with meticulous attention, ensuring that it encapsulates all essential particulars. Alongside this, you'll need to respond to the supplementary information inquiries outlined in the Booking Request Form. Additionally, don't forget to indicate your preference for the Hourly Rate Job option when prompted within the form.

4.3 As part of the Booking Request Form completion, you'll also be prompted to specify the size of the vehicle essential for your needs. Moreover, if your requirements call for the involvement of more than one driver, this information should be communicated clearly. Once your meticulously completed Booking Request Form reaches Flexvill's attention, our team will promptly initiate the process of providing you with a range of Price Options. These Price Options will be intricately tailored to consider the data you've shared in the form and will correspond to the particular type of vehicle requested for the designated Hourly Rate Job.

4.4 It's important to acknowledge that while Flexvill LTD diligently strives to honor your request for the specified Hourly Rate Vehicle as outlined in your initial Booking Request Form, there could be situations where this preference isn't practically feasible. In such instances, an alternative vehicle type, equally suitable for your requirements, may be designated to meet your transportation needs.

4.5 However, it's imperative to bear in mind that if, upon the commencement of the Hourly Rate Job, the scope of Transport Services you require materially deviates from the information you originally provided in the Booking Request Form, Flexvill LTD retains the prerogative to initiate an immediate termination of the Contract. This specific scenario does not warrant a refund and is regarded as a contractual breach, as per the stipulations within clause 7.3.1.

4.6 Furthermore, for your awareness, certain items are excluded from transportation under the purview of Hourly Rate Jobs. These exclusions encompass the transportation of following:
  • Pianos
  • Motorcycles
  • Any other type of vehicle
  • Predefined exclusions stated within the broader Terms

4.7 Extended Duration of Hourly Rate Job and Additional Charges:

In case the execution of the Hourly Rate Job surpasses the time initially specified within your Booking Request Form, Flexvill LTD will send you an email notification promptly. This communication will include comprehensive details concerning the supplementary charges incurred due to the extended duration. It is your responsibility to make the necessary payment for these additional charges to Flexvill LTD within five days from the date of notification.

4.8 Unforeseen Delays and Extra Charges:

By entering into this contractual agreement, you acknowledge that circumstances beyond our control might lead to the Hourly Rate Job taking longer than the duration mentioned in your Booking Request Form. This extension in time could entail additional charges. Should the Hourly Rate Job exceed the initially stipulated time by more than an hour, Flexvill LTD and our Partners retain the discretion to discontinue the provision of Services. In such a scenario, no refund will be granted, and you will remain liable for the additional charges associated with the extra time invested in providing the Transport Services.

4.9 Inclusions in Hourly Rate Job Price:

The Price assigned to all Hourly Rate Jobs encompasses the provision of one driver and the allocation of 10 miles' worth of fuel.
  • Provision of one driver
  • Allocation of 10 miles' worth of fuel

4.10 Additional Driver and Fuel Charges:

In the event that you require an extra driver to assist you, the associated cost will be incorporated into the Hourly Rate Job Quotation. Moreover, any fuel consumption exceeding the included 10 miles will incur a charge of £0.50 per mile. This additional fuel cost shall be subject to payment as per the stipulations set forth in clause 4.6.

4.11 Exemptions for Hourly Rate Jobs:

Certain clauses within these Terms shall not be applicable to you in the context of Hourly Rate Jobs. Specifically, clauses 3.2.2 and 6.1.10 will not be relevant for the services you avail under the Hourly Rate category.

5. Services Outside Of The United Kingdom

5.1 Adherence to International Service Provisions:

In conjunction with the comprehensive range of applicable terms governing our services, it is imperative for you to heed the regulations and guidelines laid out in this specific clause 5.

5.2 Obtaining Essential Documentation:

An essential facet of engaging in international operations with Flexvill LTD entails assuming responsibility, at your personal cost, for procuring all indispensable documentation, permits, permissions, licenses, and any requisite customs-related papers. These are indispensable prerequisites that empower us to effectively execute the Transport Services you require.

5.3 Special Authorization Goods Restriction:

A noteworthy limitation within our international operations pertains to the transportation of goods that mandate special licenses or governmental authorizations for either import or export activities. It's pivotal to refer to clause 8, particularly focusing on clause 8.4, to comprehend the nuances of our liability boundaries in this context.

5.4 Estimated Transit Time and Accountability:

Our communication with you isn't just about providing quotations; it extends to offering you a projected timeline for the transit of your merchandise. It's paramount to recognize that the nature of transporting goods internationally can lead to variances in transit times.

While Flexvill LTD is steadfast in keeping you well-informed about any notable shifts in these timelines, it's incumbent upon you to understand that Flexvill LTD cannot assume responsibility for any ensuing losses or damages stemming from delays in transit, unless such delays result from negligence on the part of Flexvill LTD or its Partners. We prioritize transparency and accountability in all our endeavors to ensure your informed decision-making.

6. Customer Obligations

6.1 Fulfillment of Contractual Obligations:

When you enter into the Contract with Flexvill LTD, it entails a set of specific obligations that you are required to uphold. Failing to adhere to these obligations leads to the exoneration of both Flexvill LTD and its Partner from any liabilities arising from losses incurred.

  • Goods Ownership and Permissions: It is incumbent upon you to ensure that all the goods being transported rightfully belong to you. Additionally, if there is any legal interest held by another party in the transported goods, you must have obtained the requisite permissions to facilitate their transportation.

  • Contact Information and Addresses: A fundamental aspect of maintaining effective communication involves providing Flexvill LTD with your accurate and current telephone number and email address. Should there be any changes to these contact details, it is imperative that you promptly inform us. Furthermore, providing correct and precise pickup and delivery addresses is not just recommended, but mandatory.

  • Parking Arrangements: Taking into account the vehicles used by our Partners, you are responsible for ensuring suitable parking arrangements at your own expense. This encompasses various aspects such as suspended bays, parking permits, adhering to width restrictions, and considering parking distances from your premises. Any fines or penalties incurred due to your failure to make appropriate arrangements will lead to your indemnification of the Partner.

  • Accessibility and Lift Information: Anticipating the practicalities of the transportation process, you are required to inform Flexvill in advance about the number of floors at both pickup and delivery locations. Additionally, if there are service lifts available, this information should also be communicated.

  • Representation and Presence: Throughout the entirety of the transportation process, including collection, loading, unloading, and delivery, your presence or an authorized representative is expected to be available.

  • Delivery Confirmation: Upon delivery, the Partner will follow either of two procedures: requesting your electronic signature for a proof of delivery (POD) or providing you with a Job Sheet. The Job Sheet enumerates the items collected, transported, and delivered, and it is distinguished by the unique Job Number provided to you at the time of Booking. Your signature on the Job Sheet or POD signifies your confirmation of the satisfactory provision of the Transport Services.

  • Handling Appliances and Goods: Specific guidelines must be adhered to in relation to the goods being transported. This includes defrosting fridge freezers (with no responsibility held by Flexvill or its Partners for the contents) and ensuring that all other appliances are dry and free from residual fluids. Furniture should also be emptied, unless an additional packing service has been arranged.

  • Comprehensive Inventory List and Amendments: An accurate inventory list detailing the goods to be transported is essential (Comprehensive Inventory List). While amendments are permissible, it's crucial to acknowledge that adjustments may incur additional charges as per the provisions of clause 3.4. Similarly, if you have chosen a specific Van Size or Volume Size during Booking and the transported goods exceed the pre-agreed dimensions, supplementary costs will apply.

  • Packing and Payment Details: Adequate packing of all goods prior to the Partner's arrival is mandatory. For those requiring additional assistance, a comprehensive packing service is available at an extra cost. The specifics of this can be found on the Flexvill LTD Site (flexvill.com) or through direct contact with our Customer Care Team. Payment details for all Services must be provided upon completion of the Booking Request Form, involving credit or debit card information. Once your Booking Request Form is confirmed, the total payable amount will be deducted from your card. The payment is processed directly through Flexvill LTD, acting as the agent on behalf of the Partner for the Transport Services.

  • Access to Duplicate Invoices: In the event that you require duplicate invoices, Flexvill LTD can provide them upon request, ensuring your record-keeping needs are met.

7. Cancellation & Postponement

7.1 Consumers Statutory Cancellation Right.

The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply to service contracts involving the transportation of goods on a specific date or within a designated period for performance.

7.2 Postponement & Cancellation By The Customer.

If you intend to either postpone or cancel the Contract, we kindly request that you promptly notify Flexvill LTD in writing. Alternatively, if you choose to cancel the Contract via telephone, we will subsequently send you written confirmation of the cancellation. Please be aware that charges associated with both postponement and cancellation will be levied according to the following structure:

  • Domestic

    When engaging in Domestic Services with Flexvill LTD, it's essential to be aware of the cancellation policy outlined below:

    • Cancellation Notice More Than 48 Hours Before Scheduled Date:

      If you choose to cancel your Domestic Service and provide notice in writing or through a telephone call to Flexvill LTD more than forty-eight hours before the scheduled date of the Transport Services, you will not incur any charges. This window of time allows for proper adjustments and planning without any financial consequences.

    • Cancellation Notice Less Than 48 Hours Before Scheduled Date:

      Should you decide to cancel the Domestic Service with a notice given in writing or via telephone call to Flexvill LTD less than forty-eight hours before the scheduled date of the Transport Services, a cancellation charge equivalent to 50% of the Price will apply. This partial charge reflects the preparation and allocation of resources that have already been committed based on your booking.

    • Cancellation Within 24 Hours Before Scheduled Date: If circumstances lead to the need for cancellation within twenty-four hours of the scheduled date for the Transport Services, the full Price of the service will be charged to your account. If you have already made the full payment when booking the Transport Services, it's important to note that no refund will be available in this scenario.

    Flexvill LTD values clear communication and responsible planning. These cancellation policies are designed to ensure fair treatment for both clients and service providers, allowing for appropriate adjustments while considering the commitments involved in the process.

  • International

    When booking International Services or Additional Domestic Services with Flexvill LTD, please be informed about the cancellation policy as follows:

    • Cancellation Notice More Than 5 Business Days Before Scheduled Date:

      If you decide to cancel your International Services or Additional Domestic Services and provide notice of cancellation in writing or through a telephone call to Flexvill LTD no less than five business days before the scheduled date of the Transport Services, no cancellation charge will be applied. In case you have made a full payment when booking the Transport Services, you are entitled to a full refund, reflecting our commitment to honoring your proactive notice.

    • Cancellation Notice Less Than 5 Business Days Before Scheduled Date:

      In the event that you need to cancel your International Services or Additional Domestic Services with a notice of cancellation in writing or via telephone call to Flexvill LTD with less than five business days before the scheduled date of the Transport Services, you will not be eligible for any refund. If you have already made a full payment upon booking the Transport Services, please be aware that no refund of the Price will be provided, given the short notice and preparations that have already been made.

    Flexvill LTD values transparency and fairness in all transactions. Our cancellation policies are designed to reflect the efforts and commitments made by both parties while allowing flexibility when feasible notice is provided.

  • Postponement and re-booking:

    It's important to note that Flexvill LTD retains the discretion to determine whether any or all of the charges outlined in clause 7.2 should be reduced or waived.

  • Urgent bookings:

    It's crucial to understand that they are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or postponement.

  • Delays and Cancellations:

    And as a direct consequence of the stipulations within clause 7, there arise additional amounts that are owed to Flexvill LTD, it's imperative to recognize that these additional charges will become immediately due for payment.

  • Should you find yourself in a scenario where you need to postpone or cancel the Transport Services and this gives rise to a disagreement concerning a payment made to Flexvill LTD, a pending charge, or any issue related to the provided Transport Service, we urge you to take action promptly. It's essential to notify us of this situation as soon as possible, ensuring that this communication occurs no later than seven days after the completion of the Transport Services. To facilitate this, kindly reach out to our dedicated Customer Care Team at +447449235449, and they will guide you through the necessary steps to address your concerns effectively.

7.3 Cancellation By Flexvill LTD and its Partners:

  • If you violate any term of this Contract, Flexvill LTD and its Partner retain the right to terminate the Contract.

  • In the event that the Partner becomes incapable of fulfilling the Transport Services as agreed upon in the Booking, or if Flexvill LTD is unable to secure a suitable Partner for the Transport Services due to their own fault or circumstances beyond their control, you will be promptly notified by Flexvill LTD through written communication or by telephone.

  • When you make a Booking, Flexvill LTD will make reasonable efforts to promptly secure an available Partner. If Flexvill LTD is unable to do so, while not being in violation of the Contract, you will be eligible for a complete refund.

7.4 Refunds:

When it comes to refunds, it's essential to understand the scenarios under which you might be eligible for a refund from Flexvill LTD. Let's delve into the details:

  • Cancellation by Flexvill LTD or its Partner - Clause 7.3.1:

    In situations where Flexvill LTD or its Partner cancels the Contract in accordance with clause 7.3.1, it's important to note that you won't be entitled to a refund. This clause outlines specific circumstances where cancellation occurs due to breach of terms, and in such cases, a refund won't be applicable.

  • Cancellation by Flexvill LTD or its Partner - Clauses 7.3.2 and 7.3.3:

    Now, let's consider situations outlined in clauses 7.3.2 and 7.3.3. In these instances, if Flexvill LTD or its Partner cancels the Contract as specified, you are entitled to a full refund. These clauses provide safeguards in scenarios where the inability to perform Transport Services or external factors lead to Contract cancellation.

  • Cancellation by You - Clauses 7.2.1, 7.2.2, and 7.2.4:

    When it comes to Contract cancellations initiated by you, the conditions outlined in clauses 7.2.1, 7.2.2, and 7.2.4 come into play. If you choose to postpone or cancel the Transport Services within the parameters of these clauses, you might be eligible for a refund of the applicable amount.

8. Liability For Loss Or Damage

When it comes to the liability for loss or damage, it's important to understand the framework established by Flexvill LTD. Let's explore the details:

8.1 Limited Liability:

Flexvill LTD, previously known as Flexvill, operates within a framework where it assumes limited liability for loss or damage. As outlined in clause 8.1, Flexvill LTD shall not be held liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by your goods, premises, or any other losses that you may suffer as a result of the Contract.

This clause signifies that Flexvill LTD's responsibility is bound by the specified terms, and any potential claims for loss or damage must be assessed within this context. It's crucial to be aware that the limitation of liability outlined in this clause is a fundamental aspect of the Contract, setting the parameters for the extent of Flexvill LTD's accountability.

It's advisable to carefully review and understand clause 8.1 in the context of your specific situation. By doing so, you'll have a clear grasp of the limitations and protections in place regarding liability for loss or damage as you engage with Flexvill LTD's services.

8.2 Partner's Liability for Loss or Damage:

In the context of Flexvill LTD's operations, particularly pertaining to loss or damage, it's essential to delve into the specifics outlined in clause 8.2. Let's break it down:

Subject to the provisions of clause 8.3, which we'll explore further, the Partner engaged by Flexvill LTD bears a certain level of liability for any potential loss or damage incurred by your premises and goods. This liability arises when you are able to provide satisfactory evidence that the damage or loss was indeed caused by the Partner's actions and not as a result of your actions or the involvement of a third party.

Limited Liability Framework:

It's important to note that the Partner's liability to you is subject to certain limitations. These limitations are crucial to establishing a framework within which any potential claims for loss or damage will be evaluated. The specifics of this liability limitation are elaborated upon in subsequent clauses, which play a significant role in defining the extent of accountability held by the Partner in cases of loss or damage.

As you navigate through the terms of the Contract, paying careful attention to clause 8.2 and its subsequent clauses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between Flexvill LTD, the Partner, and the liabilities associated with potential loss or damage to your premises and goods. This understanding is pivotal in ensuring a clear perspective as you engage with Flexvill LTD's services.

  • In scenarios where the Partner, under the operations of Flexvill LTD, causes damage to premises or property that extends beyond the goods they are specifically contracted to transport, and this damage is a direct result of their negligence or breach of contract, their liability is confined to the repair of the affected area.

  • It's vital to acknowledge that the Partner's liability is not extended to cover damage inflicted on premises or goods if you choose to disregard advice provided by Flexvill LTD or the Partner in relation to the services being rendered.

  • In the event that you observe any damage inflicted upon your premises or goods during the stages of collection, transportation, or delivery, it is imperative that you promptly inform us. This notification should occur as soon as you become aware of the damage, and it should be conveyed via email or telephone. Furthermore, this notification must be submitted no later than 7 days from the date of delivery. This timeframe is pivotal in facilitating the necessary actions to address the situation effectively. Your timely communication empowers Flexvill LTD to take appropriate measures and uphold the accountability inherent in our service commitment.

8.3 Flexvill LTD and its Partners are not held liable for the following situations:

  • Damage Due to Your Actions or Breach: They are not responsible for damage resulting from your actions or breaches of the agreed Terms.

  • Perishable Items: Damage to perishable items like food and drink is not covered.

  • Infestation Damage: Damage caused by moths, vermin, or other infestations is excluded.

  • Fire Damage Beyond Coverage: Damage due to fire exceeding insurance coverage is not their responsibility.

  • Furniture Packed/Unpacked by Others: Damage to furniture packed or unpacked by you or a third party is not their liability.

  • Normal Wear and Tear: They are not liable for the regular wear and tear that occurs during transportation.

  • Loading/Unloading Against Advice: Any damage when goods are loaded or unloaded against their advice is not covered.

  • Damage Not Caused by Them: They are not responsible for damage to goods or premises not caused by them or their Partners.

  • Your Packing/Unpacking Damage: Any damage caused during packing, loading, or unloading by you or others is not their responsibility.

  • Transport of Live Animals/Plants: They do not transport live animals or plants without prior agreement. They are not liable for harm caused during transport.

  • Electrical Goods Damage: Damage to electrical goods is not covered unless you can prove it was due to the Partner's negligence.

  • Pre-existing Damages/Defects: Loss from goods with existing damage or inherent defects is not their responsibility.

  • Fragile or Susceptible Goods: Damage to fragile or easily damaged goods, including breakage, spoilage, leakage, or malfunctions, is not their liability.

  • Damage to Collections/Documents: Damage to collections or important documents is excluded from coverage.

  • Personal Items: Personal items like jewelry, handbags, clothes, and hats are not covered unless listed in the Comprehensive Inventory List.

  • Business Loss for Private Customers: They do not compensate for business losses incurred by Private Customers.

  • Post-Delivery Loss/Damage: Any loss or damage occurring after delivery is not covered.

  • Damage Not Their Responsibility: Damage not caused by them, their Partners, employees, subcontractors, or agents is not their liability.

  • Unforeseeable Loss: They are not responsible for losses that could not reasonably be anticipated.

  • Goods Held under Clauses: Damage to goods held under specific clauses (8.9 and 10) is excluded from coverage.

Should you choose to assist the Partner with moving, packing, loading, or unloading of any goods, or if you travel with the Partner in a vehicle, you do so at your sole risk. The Partner shall not be liable, and neither Flexvill LTD nor the Partner will be responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of such actions.

8.4 The liability of the Partner in connection with the Contract is subject to a maximum limit of £50,000 (fifty thousand pounds). This means that in the event of any claims made in connection with the Contract, the Partner's responsibility for compensation or damages is capped at a total amount of £50,000. This limit serves as a safeguard to define the Partner's financial liability in situations where claims or disputes arise under the terms of the Contract.

8.5 Transit Outside Of The United Kingdom.

In situations where you need Services beyond the United Kingdom, it's important to note that the liability provisions outlined in clauses 8.1 through 8.4 (inclusive) remain applicable. However, neither Flexvill LTD nor its Partners bear responsibility for goods that might be confiscated, seized, removed, or damaged by customs authorities or any other government agency during the international transit, unless such instances of damage, confiscation, seizure, or removal are directly attributable to the negligence or breach of contract by our Partner.

8.6 Events Outside Of Our Control

Flexvill LTD and its Partners cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that may arise due to circumstances beyond their control. These circumstances include:

  • Acts of Nature: This encompasses natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes, or any other unexpected events originating from natural forces.

  • Epidemic or Pandemic: In case of outbreaks of widespread diseases, Flexvill LTD and its Partners are not accountable for any resulting damage or loss.

  • Acts of War and Public Disruption: Situations involving war, threats of war, war preparations, riots, nuclear or chemical incidents, changes in laws, actions by government or public authorities, building collapses, fires, explosions, accidents, labor disputes, strikes, industrial actions, or lockouts fall outside their control and are not subject to liability.

  • Transit Delays: Delays occurring during the transportation process, even if unforeseen, are not their responsibility.

  • Unforeseeable Events: Any events that reasonably appear to be beyond their control, thereby making it impracticable to hold them liable for resulting damage or loss.

8.7 Our liability, as well as that of our Partners, cannot be waived for instances of death or personal injury arising from negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, or legal liabilities that are not permissible to be limited or excluded under the laws of England and Wales.

8.8 Clarifies that apart from the Partner responsible for the Transport Services, none of our employees or subcontractors bear individual liability for losses, damages, mis-deliveries, errors, or omissions as per the Contract.

8.9 Transit delays:

In situations where transit delays or non-delivery by Flexvill's Partner occur due to reasons not linked to negligence or breach of Contract, the goods might be stored. You could potentially be responsible for associated storage and redelivery expenses, as determined by Flexvill.

Flexvill will furnish you with an estimated timeframe for collection and delivery based on available information. However, external factors can cause variations in these timings. Neither we nor our Partner will be held accountable for any losses you experience due to such variations.

9. Insurance and Fundamental Compensation Coverage.

Basic Compensation Cover

In Section 9.1 of the terms and conditions, we introduce the concept of Basic Compensation Cover, which is thoughtfully included in the Price to provide a level of protection for our customers. This coverage encompasses two essential aspects:

  • Comprehensive Protection Against Fire and Full Theft: Under this coverage, your valuable belongings are safeguarded up to a maximum limit of £50,000. This includes protection against potential damage due to fire and, notably, it extends to cover the complete theft of all the goods that our dedicated Partners are entrusted with during transportation.

  • Item-Specific Coverage for Other Types of Damage: Beyond fire and full theft, Basic Compensation Cover extends its protection to include all other potential types of damage that your items might encounter. Each individual item is insured for up to £100, ensuring that even in unfortunate instances of damage, a certain level of compensation is in place.

9.2 Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Moving forward to Section 9.2, we introduce the Comprehensive Insurance Cover, which is a premium service available to eligible customers when they book our Transport Services. This enhanced level of coverage is provided to you upon payment of a designated premium, calculated based on the value of the goods being transported.

It's important to note that Comprehensive Insurance Cover offers a more comprehensive and tailored approach to insurance. To understand the specifics of this coverage, as well as the terms and conditions that apply, you're encouraged to explore the comprehensive details available on the insurance policy page of the official Flexvill Site (flexvill.com). This comprehensive resource provides you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the level of insurance protection that aligns best with your needs and concerns.

9.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not engage in actions or omissions that could result in the invalidation of a claim under the Basic Compensation Cover and/or the Comprehensive Insurance Cover (if applicable).

9.4 Any liability of Flexvill, its Partners, and the Insurer will not apply to claims made under the Basic Compensation Cover or the Comprehensive Insurance Cover if you have the right to make a claim under another insurance policy for the same matter or circumstances that led to the claim.

10. Our Authority to Retain the Goods

10.1 The Partners possess the authority to retain your goods (referred to as a lien) until all the monetary obligations outlined in the Contract, along with any relevant interest, have been settled. This encompasses expenses incurred for storage and legal fees.

10.2 If the complete payment of any outstanding sums owed to Flexvill by you is not received within a span of ninety days, we reserve the right to either sell the goods or handle them in a manner we consider appropriate. The proceeds obtained from this action will be allocated towards covering the costs we've incurred and the outstanding debt you owe to us.

11. Complaints

11.1 Addressing Concerns Regarding Our Services:

  • Should you have any grievances regarding our Services, kindly reach out to our Customer Care team. They will strive to assess your complaint and take appropriate measures within a period of seven days from the date of receiving the complaint.

  • For an overview of your essential legal rights, you can refer to the citizens advice website at www.adviceguide.org.uk or contact them at 0345040506.

12. How We Utilize Your Personal Data

12.1 Your Personal Data Usage

We will employ the personal data you furnish to us for the following purposes:

  • To connect you with Partners who can offer the Transport Services and to fulfill the specific Transport Services that are directly assigned to Flexvill as obligations in these Terms.

  • To manage your payment for the Transport Services.

  • If you consented during the booking of our Services, to furnish you with details about comparable services that We offer.

  • For comprehensive insight into the manner in which we handle your data, we encourage you to read our privacy policy.

12.2 Your personal information will solely be disclosed to other third parties in instances where legal obligations or permissions necessitate us to do so. We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of your personal data and will adhere to legal standards and requirements in all such situations.

Other Important Terms

13.1 Assignment of This Agreement to Another Party.

We reserve the right to transfer our rights and responsibilities outlined in these Terms to another entity or organization. Such a transfer will be carried out in a manner that preserves your rights as stipulated in the Contract.

13.2 Transfer of Your Rights.

If you wish to transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms to another individual, prior written consent from Flexvill is required.

13.3 Rights Pertaining to the Contract.

The Contract is a legally binding agreement involving you, Flexvill, and Our Partner. Only the specified parties have the entitlement to enforce the terms of the Contract unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms.

13.4 Legal Compliance and Contractual Provisions.

Each provision within these Terms holds distinct legal significance. In case any provision is deemed unlawful by a court or relevant authority, the remaining provisions remain fully enforceable.

13.5 Enforcement of the Contract.

Any failure on our part to promptly enforce these Terms, or any delay in taking action against a breach of the Contract, does not waive our right to take corrective measures at a later time.

13.6 Applicable Laws and the Contract.

The regulations outlined in these Terms are under the authority of English legislation. In the event of any legal disputes or actions arising from the Contract, they must be exclusively pursued within the jurisdiction of the English courts. This provision ensures that matters relating to the Contract are addressed and resolved in accordance with the legal framework established by the laws of England.

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