Privacy policy

Welcome to Flexvill Ltd! We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and secure your data when you engage with our services.

Your trust is important to us, and we want you to feel confident that your information is handled responsibly. This policy provides insights into our data practices and your rights under applicable privacy laws.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or through our contact page. Your privacy is a priority, and we're dedicated to ensuring your information remains safe and confidential.

Flexvill Privacy Policy

Your interest in privacy is paramount, and we hold it in high regard as well. Our intention with this Privacy Policy, as Flexvill LTD, is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how we gather and handle your personal information while you engage with our "App" or explore our website ("Website"). To ensure a complete grasp of our practices, we urge you to peruse not only this Privacy Policy but also other related privacy documents, such as our cookies policy at Cookie ("Cookies Policy") and any fair processing notifications we may issue on specific occasions when we gather or process your personal information. Rest assured, this Privacy Policy is an augmentation of our existing policies and does not supersede them.

The foundation of this Privacy Policy adheres to the Data Protection Act 2018, which incorporates the General Data Protection Regulation (or any UK legislation designed to replace or surpass it) ("Data Privacy Laws"). The terminology utilized in this Privacy Policy aligns with the definitions established within the Data Privacy Laws. We extend this invitation to our esteemed "Transport Partners" and third-party or subcontracted "Drivers," encouraging them to review our privacy notice accessible through the link provided at the conclusion of this document. Your understanding and cooperation are highly valued.

Last Updated: July 5, 2023

This privacy policy was last updated on July 5, 2023. We strive to keep our policies current and aligned with evolving privacy practices and legal requirements. It's important to review this policy regularly to stay informed about how we handle your personal data and to ensure your continued understanding of our data processing practices. Your privacy is our priority, and we appreciate your trust in us to protect your information.

About Us and How to Get in Touch

We are Flexvill LTD, registration number is 14784183 and the registered address can be found on the "Contact-us" page here. Throughout this documentation, the terms "we," "our," and "us" allude to Flexvill LTD. As an enterprise specializing in delivery, transportation, and storage services, we assume the role of data controller. This signifies our accountability for determining the methodologies we employ to gather, safeguard, and employ personal data pertaining to you.

Information Gathering

We gather personal information, which constitutes any data providing insights into your identity, whether it distinctly or indirectly pinpoints you as an individual. Our collection and utilization encompass the subsequent personal information pertaining to you.
  • Identity Information:
    This category encompasses a wide range of personal data that provides insights into your identity. It includes your first name, maiden name, last name, username, or any similar identifier that uniquely distinguishes you. Additionally, your marital status, title, and date of birth fall under this umbrella. In the digital age, images have become a part of personal identification, so any images of you, whether they are photographs or videos, are also covered here. Furthermore, we include details related to your vehicle, such as its registration and license plate, to create a comprehensive identity profile.

  • Contact Information:
    Your contact details are vital for effective communication and interaction. This category encompasses a variety of information, including your residential addresses, property ownership details, and other relevant contact addresses. To ensure swift and efficient communication, we also collect your email address and telephone numbers, enabling us to reach out to you when needed.

  • Financial Information:
    The handling of financial data requires meticulous care. Within this category, we collect data related to your bank account for payment transactions. Your payment card details are also included, as they facilitate seamless transactions. Furthermore, this category extends to information that enables us to perform electronic checks to comply with regulatory requirements, such as Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing checks.

  • Transaction Details:
    Understanding your transaction history helps us improve our services. This category covers the specifics of payments made by you as well as payments received by you. It also includes additional details about the products and services you have purchased from Flexvill LTD. This comprehensive view aids in enhancing the quality of our offerings and tailoring them to your needs.

  • Technical Insights:
    In the digital realm, technical data is crucial for optimizing your online experience. This category encompasses a variety of information, including your internet protocol (IP) address, which provides insights into your online presence. Details such as your login data, browser type and version, time zone settings, and geographical location help us provide a personalized experience. We also consider your browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, platform, and other technological aspects that influence your interaction with our website.

  • Profile Overview:
    Understanding your preferences and behavior aids in offering tailored experiences. Profile Data includes information about your purchases or orders, showcasing your engagement with our products and services. Your interests, preferences, feedback, and survey responses provide us with valuable insights to improve and customize our offerings.

  • Usage Patterns:
    By analyzing your usage patterns, we gain insights into how you interact with our offerings. This includes information about how you navigate our website, utilize our products and services, and engage with various features. These insights guide us in enhancing user experiences and optimizing our offerings.

  • Marketing and Communication Preferences:
    Respecting your communication preferences is of utmost importance. This category covers your choices regarding receiving marketing materials from Flexvill LTD and our third-party collaborators. Your communication preferences, including the methods through which you prefer to be contacted, are also included here.

  • Call Records:
    For quality assurance and effective communication, we record all calls involving Flexvill LTD agents. These records assist us in training our team and maintaining high standards of service.

At Flexvill LTD, we take the utmost care to handle these categories of data responsibly and in accordance with applicable regulations to ensure your privacy and security.

Should you have furnished personal information of other individuals to facilitate the coordination of collection and/or delivery, it is incumbent upon you to duly inform these individuals about the disclosure of their data to Flexvill LTD.

In addition, we gather, employ, and disseminate Aggregated Data, encompassing statistical or demographic data, for various purposes. This type of data stems from your personal information but is not categorized as personal data under legal statutes, as it does not directly or indirectly unveil your identity. For instance, we might aggregate your Usage Data to ascertain the proportion of users accessing a specific feature on our website. However, in cases where Aggregated Data is amalgamated or linked with your personal data in a manner that enables direct or indirect identification, we regard the merged data as personal data, subject to the stipulations of this privacy policy.

This personal information is essential for the provision of our services to you. Refraining from providing the requested personal data might result in delays or prevent us from offering services to you.

It is important to note that we do not accumulate any Special Categories of Personal Data concerning you. This encompasses data regarding your race or ethnicity, philosophical or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sex life, political opinions, membership in trade unions, information about your health, as well as genetic and biometric data. Moreover, we refrain from gathering information pertaining to criminal offenses or convictions.

In what ways do we gather personal information?

We utilize various approaches to gather information from you and about you, which includes personal data you provide when you:

  • Engage in the process of applying for our services or products: When you express interest in acquiring our services or products, we gather pertinent details during the application process. This enables us to understand your requirements better and provide you with tailored solutions.

  • Establish an account on our online platform: By creating an account on our digital platform, you grant us access to essential information, allowing you to navigate our services seamlessly. This information is securely managed to ensure a personalized and user-friendly experience.

  • Sign up for our services or subscriptions: When you sign up for our services or subscribe to receive updates, we collect data that enables us to deliver the services and information you've opted for. This facilitates a smooth communication channel between us.

  • Initiate contact with us via social media channels: Engaging with us through social media platforms offers an additional way to connect. Information shared in such interactions provides insights into your preferences and concerns.

  • Express your interest in receiving marketing materials: When you express your interest in receiving marketing materials, we use this preference to tailor our communications and ensure that the information we provide is relevant to you.

  • Participate in contests, promotions, or surveys: When you participate in contests, promotions, or surveys, the information you provide aids us in refining our offerings and understanding your preferences. Your participation contributes to the enhancement of our services.

  • Provide us with feedback: Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our services and products. When you provide feedback, we gather insights that assist us in improving our offerings and addressing any concerns you may have.

  • Engage in telephone conversations with us, which we may record: When you engage in telephone conversations with us, we may record these calls for quality assurance and training purposes. These records help us ensure that we provide the best possible assistance to you.

  • Lodge a complaint: If you lodge a complaint with us, we gather information about the issue to investigate and address it promptly. This aids us in improving our services and resolving any concerns you may have.

  • Interact with our website through automated technologies: When you interact with our website, automated technologies, such as cookies and server logs, collect Technical Data. This includes information about your device, browsing behavior, and patterns. These technologies enhance your experience and help us tailor our website to better suit your preferences. Additionally, Technical Data might also be obtained if you visit other websites employing our cookies. More details can be found in our Cookie policy.

  • Obtain personal information from third-party sources or publicly available outlets: We may receive personal data from various third-party sources and publicly available outlets. These sources may include partners, vendors, or publicly accessible databases. The data acquired from these sources enhances our understanding of your preferences and ensures the accuracy of the information we possess about you.

Identity and Contact Data from:

  • We source this information from a variety of external sources that provide commercially available data. These sources encompass a range of entities, including companies like TwentyCi or Facebook. It's important to note that some of these entities might be based within the EU, adhering to its data protection regulations.

  • Another channel through which we gather data is via third-party portals. When you request services from Flexvill, we may receive relevant data from these portals. Similarly, when services that align with our offerings are requested through platforms such as AWIN, we may also obtain pertinent information.

  • Publicly available sources serve as another avenue for collecting data. This category includes prominent social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, which are often used for sharing information. While these platforms may be headquartered outside the EU, they still contribute to our data pool. Additionally, authoritative sources located within the EU, such as Companies House, HM Land Registry, and the Electoral Register, also play a role in enriching our data repository.

Technical Data derived from the subsequent entities:

  • We acquire information from a variety of sources to ensure the comprehensive collection of relevant data. These sources encompass a diverse range of parties, each contributing to our understanding of your preferences and needs. The data we gather from these parties is instrumental in delivering tailored experiences and services to you.

  • Firstly, we collaborate with data analytics providers such as Google, operating from locations beyond the EU. These partnerships enable us to gain insights into user behavior and preferences, allowing us to optimize our offerings and enhance user experiences. Additionally, our engagements with advertising networks, also situated outside the EU, contribute to the effective delivery of marketing materials that resonate with your interests.

  • Furthermore, we engage with entities that provide search-related information, such as Google. This interaction, conducted from locations outside the EU, allows us to refine our search functionalities and improve the accuracy of results, ensuring that you find the information you're seeking swiftly and efficiently.

  • In addition to digital interactions, we also obtain Contact, Financial, and Transaction Data from providers of technical, payment, and delivery services. These providers, including entities like Checkout, Stripe, or Adyen, may be based outside the EU. Through these collaborations, we ensure seamless payment processing, efficient delivery of products and services, and reliable customer communication.

By gathering data from these diverse sources, we aim to create a holistic understanding of your preferences and requirements. This information guides us in crafting services and experiences that cater to your unique needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.

How we use personal data

We will employ your personal data in strict accordance with the parameters set by the law. Across various scenarios, we will utilize your personal data for specific purposes, ensuring that our actions are in alignment with legal requirements. Here are the primary circumstances in which we will use your personal data:

  • Contractual Obligations: When we are about to enter into a contract with you or have already entered into one, we will use your personal data to fulfill our obligations as outlined in the contract. This ensures that both parties involved receive the agreed-upon services or products.

  • Legitimate Interests: There might be situations where using your personal data becomes necessary for our legitimate interests or those of a third party. In such cases, we will assess that these interests do not override your fundamental rights and interests. This balanced approach ensures that any usage is fair and justifiable.

  • Legal Compliance: We will employ your personal data when we are required to meet specific legal obligations. This includes situations where we need to provide information to regulatory authorities, maintain financial records, or fulfill any other obligations mandated by law.

  • By adhering to these principles and circumstances, we uphold the ethical and legal use of your personal data, ensuring transparency and integrity in our practices. Your privacy and rights remain at the forefront of our data utilization processes.

Please click here to learn more about the various legal grounds we will use to process your personal data.

In our standard practices, we usually don't rely solely on consent as the primary legal basis for processing your personal data. However, it's important to note that there are specific instances, particularly when it comes to third-party direct marketing communications sent through email or text messages, where we will specifically seek your consent before proceeding with such processing.

When it comes to your data privacy and preferences, your consent matters. We believe in empowering you with the choice to decide how your information is utilized, especially in scenarios that involve marketing communications. Therefore, before we engage in any direct marketing activities with third parties, we will always ensure that we have obtained your explicit consent.

Additionally, we want you to be fully aware of your rights and options. If at any point you decide that you no longer wish to receive such marketing communications, you have the complete right to withdraw your consent. This process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free – all you need to do is get in touch with us. Your preferences matter, and we are committed to respecting your decisions when it comes to how your personal data is used for marketing purposes.

Purpose/Activity Lawful Basis for Processing Including Basis of Legitimate Interest
To register you as a new Customer, Transport Partner, or Driver and provide services to you. For the performance of our contract with you or to take steps at your request before entering into a contract.
To manage our relationship with you which will include: Updating and enhancing customer records Notifying you about changes to our terms or privacy policy Asking you to leave a review or take a survey
  • Performance of a contract with you
  • Necessary to comply with a legal obligation
  • Necessary for our legitimate interests (to keep our records updated and to study how customers, transport partners, and drivers use our products/services)
To assist in arranging or maintaining any insurance coverage that you, and other users, may require, managing risk, or obtaining professional advice. For the performance of our contract with you or to take steps at your request before entering into a contract.
Conducting checks to identify our customer and verify their identity. Screening for financial and other processing necessary to comply with professional, legal, and regulatory obligations that apply to our business, e.g. under health and safety regulation or rules issued by our professional regulator To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
Gathering and providing information required by or relating to audits, enquiries, or investigations by regulatory bodies To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
Ensuring business policies are adhered to, e.g. policies covering security and internet use For our legitimate interests or those of a third party, i.e. to make sure we are following our own internal procedures so we can deliver the best service to you
Statistical analysis to help us manage our business, e.g. in relation to our financial performance, customer base, range of services or other efficiency measures For our legitimate interests or those of a third party, i.e. to be as efficient as we can so we can deliver the best service for you
Statutory returns To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
Ensuring safe working practices, staff administration, and assessments
  • To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
  • For our legitimate interests or those of a third party, e.g. to make sure we are following our own internal procedures and working efficiently so we can deliver the best service to you
To record telephone calls both incoming and outgoing
  • Performance of a contract with you
  • Necessary for our legitimate interests (to train staff and maintain high levels of services)
To administer and protect our business, this website, and App (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, data backups, support, reporting and hosting of data)
  • Necessary for our legitimate interests (for running our business, provision of administration and IT services, network security, to prevent fraud and in the context of a business reorganization or group restructuring exercise)
  • Necessary to comply with a legal obligation

Marketing and other Promotional Activities

If you decide to opt out of certain communications:

  • Declining Email Communications: If you prefer not to receive emails, with the exception of those directly related to your bookings, you can conveniently manage this by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link positioned in the footer of any email you receive from us. This will promptly exclude you from receiving promotional emails while ensuring that you continue to receive essential information relevant to your reservations.
  • Opting Out of Direct Marketing: If you choose to discontinue your participation in direct marketing initiatives, you can readily achieve this by accessing your personal account. Within your profile page, you'll find the option labeled "Unsubscribe from marketing emails." By selecting this option, you will effectively indicate your preference to no longer receive promotional emails from us.

Call recording

We may record any incoming or outgoing calls handled by the Flexvill support team (or transferred to any other department), and any call recordings may be used as follows:

Purpose/Activity Usage of Call Recordings
Monitor call quality Recorded calls are reviewed to maintain high standards of call interactions.
Train and develop staff Call recordings are used for training and skill enhancement among Flexvill LTD personnel.
Record event details and complaints Conversations are archived to have a comprehensive account of discussions related to events or grievances.
Review and enhance processes Analysis of call recordings aids in refining operational processes, enhancing user support, and identifying errors.
Prevent, detect, and investigate fraud Call records play a role in identifying and investigating potential instances of fraudulent activity.

These recorded conversations serve purposes such as maintaining quality, staff training, event documentation, process improvement, and fraud prevention at Flexvill LTD.

In situations where your conversation is designated for recording, a pre-recorded message explicitly stating this practice will be played before your connection is established with a member of the Flexvill LTD support team. This auditory notice not only informs you of the recording but also guides you to review the comprehensive information provided in this Privacy Policy, ensuring transparency and understanding.

The recording process begins immediately after a distinctive beep, marking the commencement of the conversation's archival. Importantly, the recording mechanism is designed to halt automatically upon the conclusion of the call or if the call gets routed externally, safeguarding the integrity and privacy of subsequent discussions.

Should you hold reservations about having your conversation recorded, you hold the right to communicate this preference to the representative you're engaged with at any point during the call. They will promptly ensure that the recording ceases, respecting your wishes and privacy.

It's essential to underscore that access to these call recordings remains exclusively within the purview of authorized members of the Flexvill LTD team. This measure guarantees that the recordings are handled responsibly and with the utmost discretion.

In instances where you seek a copy of a specific call recording for your reference or records, you have the option to initiate this by submitting a written request to This process ensures that your data rights are respected, while also adhering to established protocols for the release of recorded information.

Keeping in accordance with the tenets of Data Privacy Laws, these call recordings will be securely retained for a period of 12 months from the date of the respective call. This meticulous adherence to data storage regulations reflects our commitment to maintaining the security and privacy of your information over time.

Who we share your personal data with

We uphold a stringent policy concerning the sharing of your personal data with external entities, carefully designed to ensure the utmost protection of your personal information at all times. Our approach involves allowing only service providers who meet our rigorous data security criteria to handle your personal information. This meticulous selection process ensures that your sensitive data remains secure.

Moreover, when collaborating with these service providers, we enforce contractual obligations that explicitly outline the specific conditions under which they can utilize your personal data. This guarantees that your information is used solely for the purpose of delivering services, whether to us or to you, fully aligned with the terms and intentions laid out in our privacy policy.

These obligations extend to various scenarios, including instances involving the potential sale or integration of our business with another entity. Should such situations arise, where a portion of our business is sold or integrated, we may share your details with advisors, potential purchasers, or joint venture partners. However, it's important to note that any use of your data by the new business owners would adhere to the same or similar guidelines outlined in our privacy policy, thus maintaining the security and privacy of your information.

Furthermore, our steadfast commitment lies in complying with regulatory and legal obligations. This might necessitate the sharing of your personal data with regulatory bodies, governmental institutions, law enforcement agencies, courts, and other legal authorities as required. This ensures that we remain fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations while upholding the security of your data.

Additionally, we may share encoded versions of your personal data with selected third parties, such as Facebook and Google. This sharing is aimed at enabling these third parties to display Flexvill LTD advertisements when you visit their platforms. Rest assured, this sharing is conducted in a manner that safeguards your privacy and data security.

Within our group of companies, which encompasses Flexvill LTD, Flexvill Business, and Flexvill Storage, we may share your personal information on a need-to-know basis. This approach ensures that only individuals who require access to your data to fulfill their specific roles are granted such access. By applying this limitation, we further enhance the security of your personal information within our corporate network.

Our comprehensive strategy for sharing your personal data underscores our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy. Through a combination of careful selection, contractual commitments, and adherence to legal mandates, we diligently work to guarantee that your personal information remains protected and is used in a manner consistent with appropriate use.

We regularly share personal data with the following

We operate with a well-established practice of sharing personal data with a range of entities, each serving specific functions crucial to our operations and services. This collaborative approach enables us to maintain efficient processes while upholding the security and privacy of your information. Below, we elaborate on the recipients with whom we routinely share personal data:

Recipient Purpose and Details
Our Insurers and/or Professional Advisers Sharing personal data with insurers and professional advisers is essential for insurance coverage, risk management, obtaining expert advice, and legal defense. This safeguards our interests and ensures compliance with regulations.
Transport Partners and Drivers Sharing relevant data with Transport Partners and Drivers ensures the smooth provision of transportation services. Limited data is shared only for service completion, and secure channels are used to maintain data confidentiality.
Movinghub Limited T/A “Movinghub” Collaboration with Movinghub for home set-up services requires sharing pertinent personal data. This aids in efficient service delivery. Refer to Movinghub's privacy policy for insights into their data handling practices.
IT Systems and Website Support Companies Reputable third-party companies provide us with IT systems, applications, and website support. This ensures the functionality and performance of our digital platforms for uninterrupted user access.
Marketing Support Services Companies Trusted third-party entities offer marketing support services, enhancing our outreach and communication strategies. This collaboration aids in effective communication of our service offerings to our audience.
Suppliers Collaboration with suppliers involves sharing necessary personal data to ensure the seamless provision of services. Data sharing is limited to what is essential for operational continuity and fulfilling user requirements.
Payment Services Providers Limited personal data is shared with payment services providers to process payments, manage refunds, and address payment-related queries. This enhances the security and efficiency of our payment processes.
LiveChat Our LiveChat feature offers real-time communication with support service representatives. To enable this, data may be shared with LiveChat, providing users with a direct channel for immediate assistance and information.
Bing, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google AdSense Collaboration with these platforms aligns with our Cookie Policy and enhances our online engagement with users. Shared data assists in refining our digital presence, optimizing user experiences, and effective audience targeting.
Google Maps Utilizing Google Maps ensures accurate delivery quotes. Limited data sharing with Google enhances the quoting process, providing users with precise information for their delivery needs. (see Google’s privacy policy here)
Trustpilot Data sharing with Trustpilot assists in gathering user feedback. This feedback loop aids in service improvement and development based on authentic user experiences, contributing to the enhancement of our offerings. (see Trustpilot’s privacy policy here)

In all of these collaborations, the paramount priority is the responsible handling of your personal data. We adhere to the principles of necessity, transparency, and data protection, ensuring that data sharing serves explicit purposes, enhances our services, and maintains your privacy throughout the entire process.

We retain the flexibility to share Transport Partner personal particulars, encompassing their name, contact number, and vehicle specifics, with you. This disclosure is exercised with a sense of practicality, intended to support the seamless execution of the transportation services you've enlisted. In this context, we extend permission for you to utilize and retain this personal data exclusively for the purpose of ensuring the effective completion of the requested service.


You retain the autonomy to configure your browser settings according to your preferences, granting you the option to either decline all cookies or selectively permit certain ones. Moreover, your browser has the capability to provide you with alerts whenever websites intend to establish or access cookies on your device. However, it's important to bear in mind that in the event you opt to disable or reject cookies, certain sections of this website might experience limitations in terms of accessibility or optimal functioning.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the specific categories of cookies that we employ and their respective purposes, I encourage you to consult this resource. It offers an in-depth overview of the types of cookies in use on our platform and how they contribute to enhancing your browsing experience.

Online advertisements

In our pursuit of keeping you well-informed and connected with our latest endeavors, we utilize online advertising strategies. This not only ensures that you stay updated about Flexvill's activities but also aids in facilitating your discovery of our product offerings. Employing a practice that's common among various companies, we engage in the targeted display of Flexvill LTD banners and advertisements while you interact with different websites and applications.

This personalization is made possible through the utilization of data related to your Contact, Technical, Usage, and Profile Data. By analyzing these facets of your interaction with our platforms, we aim to tailor the advertising content to align with your interests and preferences, enhancing your overall user experience.

To accomplish this, we leverage a range of digital marketing networks and ad exchanges, which form a dynamic ecosystem for delivering relevant content. These networks, coupled with advertising technologies such as web beacons, pixels, ad tags, cookies, and mobile identifiers, contribute to creating a more personalized advertising experience. By utilizing these technologies, we can optimize the presentation of our advertisements to match your online behavior and preferences.

Furthermore, our engagement extends to specific services offered by platforms and social networks. For instance, we harness tools like Facebook's Custom Audience Service, which enables us to refine our targeting strategies based on your interactions within the Facebook ecosystem. This service empowers us to fine-tune our advertisements to align closely with your interests and activities, ensuring that the content you encounter is meaningful and relevant.

In summary, our commitment to delivering effective online advertising involves a combination of meticulous data analysis, sophisticated advertising technologies, and strategic partnerships with platforms and networks. This multifaceted approach is aimed at enhancing your connection with Flexvill's offerings, ensuring that the content you encounter resonates with your preferences and contributes positively to your overall online experience.

Utilization of analytics and targeted advertising tools

We have implemented a diverse array of analytical tools and precisely targeted advertising mechanisms to ensure that the content you encounter on our website is both relevant and engaging. Simultaneously, we employ these tools to strategically showcase personalized online advertisements across various external platforms, including websites and apps, as previously detailed. This strategic utilization of analytics and targeted advertising techniques serves several pivotal purposes:

Content Relevance: By utilizing these tools, we are able to curate website content that resonates with your interests, preferences, and needs. This enhances your browsing experience and encourages meaningful engagement with our offerings.

Targeted Advertising: Our approach extends beyond our website, as we employ these tools to present tailored advertisements on other digital platforms. This ensures that the promotional content you encounter is aligned with your preferences and behavior, contributing to a more personalized online experience.

Marketing Communications: In our marketing communications, we focus on delivering content that holds relevance and value for you. This is achieved by leveraging the insights derived from the analytics and targeted advertising mechanisms we have in place.

Effectiveness Measurement: We continually assess the effectiveness of the advertising content we deliver. By employing analytics, we gain insights into how well our campaigns are performing and whether they are resonating with our audience.

For instance, one of the tools we rely on is Google Analytics. This tool enables us to delve into Google's interest-based advertising data and third-party audience data, which encompasses factors such as age, marital status, life events, and individual interests. These insights empower us to refine our marketing strategies, optimize campaigns, and tailor website content to meet the diverse preferences of our audience.

In a similar vein, we may partner with other third-party platforms like Facebook, leveraging their tools to perform analogous functions. This enables us to ensure that our marketing efforts remain aligned with your Contact, Technical, Usage, and Profile Data, enhancing the accuracy of our targeting.

To provide you with greater control over the advertisements you encounter, you have the option to manage your 'cookies' settings within your browser. Adjusting these settings allows you to control the degree to which targeted advertising is delivered to you. Furthermore, several third-party platforms offer the ability to opt out of their specific advertising features, granting you additional control over the content you engage with online.

In essence, our utilization of analytics and targeted advertising tools underscores our commitment to delivering a more personalized and relevant online experience for you. By employing these sophisticated mechanisms, we seek to align our content and advertisements with your preferences, thereby enhancing your interaction with Flexvill LTD's digital ecosystem.

Overseas transfers of your personal data

We might move your personal information to an external third party situated beyond the European Economic Area (EEA), resulting in the transfer of your data beyond the confines of the EEA.

Whenever we carry out such transfers of your personal data outside the EEA, we take measures to assure that it continues to receive a comparable level of safeguarding. This is achieved by implementing at least one of the following protective measures:

We are committed to upholding a stringent approach when it comes to transferring your personal data beyond the confines of the European Economic Area (EEA). Our overarching principle revolves around ensuring that your data continues to be safeguarded with the same level of protection, irrespective of its geographic location. This is particularly relevant when we collaborate with external entities situated outside the EEA.

In situations where such data transfers are involved, we meticulously adhere to established protocols to maintain the privacy and security of your information. The crux of our strategy revolves around implementing a set of safeguards that parallel the rigorous data protection standards upheld within the EEA. To achieve this, we consider various mechanisms that align with the regulatory framework and ethical practices governing data privacy.

  • Primarily, we exclusively engage in data transfers to countries that have been extensively evaluated by the European Commission and deemed to offer an equivalent level of personal data protection as the EEA. This evaluation involves a comprehensive analysis of the recipient country's data protection laws, practices, and mechanisms. Rest assured, this approach ensures that your personal data continues to be treated with the respect and privacy it deserves, even in an international context. See European Commission: Adequacy of the protection of personal data in non-EU countries

  • Additionally, in scenarios where we collaborate with specific service providers situated outside the EEA, we prioritize the utilization of contractual agreements that mirror the protective framework of the EEA. These contracts, which are officially approved by the European Commission, are specifically designed to maintain the integrity and security of your personal data. They function as a bridge that extends the rigorous data protection standards you experience within the EEA to the recipient countries. See European Commission: Model contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries

Our commitment to transparency and data protection is further underlined by our dedication to keeping you informed. We encourage you to explore the resources provided by the European Commission, where you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of our approach to personal data transfers, including insights into adequacy assessments and model contracts.

In essence, our efforts in the realm of international data transfers reflect our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your personal data, regardless of geographical boundaries. By adhering to established standards, employing protective mechanisms, and fostering transparent communication, we strive to maintain the privacy and security of your data throughout its journey, even when it ventures beyond the EEA.

How long we keep your data

We are deeply committed to ensuring that your personal data remains stored for the necessary duration, aligning with our fundamental principle of responsible data management. The specific timeframe for which we retain your personal data is intricately linked to the nature of the service you have requested from Flexvill LTD. Our retention period is a result of careful consideration of various factors, all aimed at upholding the security and ongoing relevance of your data.

It's worth noting that our retention practices might encompass a timeframe beyond the duration of the services currently being provided to you. This extension can arise when we are obligated by statutory or regulatory requirements to uphold personal data for an extended period. Additionally, there could be instances where data preservation is essential to address potential legal claims, ensuring our preparedness for any legal proceedings that may arise.

In certain specific scenarios, we may opt to anonymize your personal data. Through this meticulous process, your data undergoes transformation into a format that severs its association with you as an individual. This anonymized data subsequently becomes a valuable resource for research or statistical purposes, offering insights that contribute to our operational efficacy and industry understanding. Notably, in such cases, you will not receive further notifications, as the data no longer pertains directly to your individual identity.

In essence, our commitment to data retention is characterized by a deeply purposeful approach. We conscientiously align our retention periods with service nature, regulatory demands, and potential legal considerations, ensuring that your personal data is handled responsibly throughout its lifecycle.

How we protect your data

Measures and Practices Explanation
Technical Measures
Encryption Robust encryption techniques are used to safeguard data during transmission and storage, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems are in place to swiftly identify and counter unauthorized attempts to breach our systems.
Firewalls and Access Controls These fortify our digital infrastructure, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your data.
Authentication Mechanisms Stringent authentication procedures are implemented to control and verify user access to data.
Organizational Measures
Internal Policies and Training Rigorous training ensures our personnel are well-versed in data security protocols and handle data responsibly.
Need-to-Know Basis Access to data is restricted to only those individuals who require it for legitimate purposes.
Continuous Evaluation and Updates Regular security assessments, audits, and penetration testing are conducted to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
User-Driven Practices
Strong Passwords Users are advised to use complex, unique passwords containing a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enabling MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring a secondary verification method in addition to a password.
Regular Software Updates Keeping devices and software updated ensures the latest security patches and improvements are in place.
Awareness and Vigilance Users are urged to stay informed about common phishing tactics and to exercise caution with suspicious emails and links.
Device Security Implement strong locks, remote tracking, and wiping features on devices to safeguard against theft and unauthorized access.
Secure Networks Use password-protected, secure Wi-Fi networks, particularly for accessing sensitive information.
App Permissions Review and manage app permissions to grant only necessary access to personal data.
Data Backup Regularly back up important data to secure locations to ensure recovery in case of loss or breaches.
Prudent Sharing Exercise caution while sharing personal information online, especially on public forums or social media platforms.

By intertwining these robust technical measures, organizational practices, and proactive user-driven behaviors, Flexvill LTD ensures a comprehensive approach to data protection that maintains the security and privacy of personal information.

Certainly, your data security is of paramount importance to us. Here are some essential guidelines that you should adhere to in order to protect your personal information and maintain a secure online environment:

  • Guard One Time Passcodes (OTPs): It's critical to never share One Time Passcodes (OTPs) with anyone, regardless of the situation. OTPs are designed to provide a secure way of verifying your identity, and sharing them could potentially lead to unauthorized access to your accounts.

  • Be Cautious with Email and Text Links: Avoid entering your personal details after clicking on links provided in emails or text messages, especially if the source is unknown. Scammers often use deceptive tactics to trick users into divulging sensitive information.

  • Prioritize Encrypted Communication: When sending confidential information, opt for encrypted email whenever possible. Encrypted communication ensures that your data remains protected even if intercepted by malicious parties.

  • Secure Your Computer When Logged In: If you are logged into any online service, never leave your computer unattended. Lock your computer screen or log out when stepping away to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Browser Security: After finishing your online activities, always close your internet browser. This helps to prevent any potential vulnerabilities from being exploited by malicious actors.
  • Beware of Remote Access Requests: Be cautious of unsolicited cold calls, particularly those requesting you to download software or provide remote access to your computer. Legitimate organizations do not operate in this manner.

  • Secure Websites: Before entering personal information on a website, ensure that the website is secure. Check the address in your browser's address bar - secure websites begin with "https://" instead of just "http://". The "s" indicates a secure connection.

Adhering to these practices can significantly enhance your online security and protect your personal data from potential threats. At Flexvill LTD, we prioritize your data privacy and security, and we encourage you to remain vigilant while engaging in online activities.

Your rights in relation to your personal information

  • Request access to your personal data - You have the right to make a "data subject access request," commonly referred to as requesting access to your personal data. This empowers you to receive a copy of the personal data that Flexvill LTD holds regarding you. This process allows you to review the information we have and ensure that our processing of your data is in compliance with relevant laws.

  • Request correction of your personal data. - Furthermore, you possess the right to request the correction of your personal data. If you find that the data we hold about you is incomplete or inaccurate, you have the authority to request corrections. In such cases, we may need to verify the accuracy of any new data you provide to us before making the necessary updates. This right ensures that the personal data we retain accurately reflects your information and maintains its integrity.

  • Request erasure of your personal data - You possess the right to request the erasure of your personal data, a process commonly known as the "right to be forgotten." This empowers you to ask Flexvill LTD to delete or remove your personal data in cases where there is no justifiable reason for us to continue processing it. This right is also applicable if you have successfully exercised your right to object to the processing of your data, as outlined below.
    Should you choose to exercise this right, we will delete or remove your personal data from our records. This may apply when we have processed your information unlawfully or when local laws necessitate the deletion of your data. However, it's important to note that in certain instances, we might not be able to fulfill your request for erasure due to specific legal obligations. If such circumstances arise, we will inform you of the relevant legal reasons at the time of your request, ensuring transparency in our communication.

  • Object to processing of your personal data - Express your objection to the processing of your personal data - particularly in situations where Flexvill LTD is relying on a legitimate interest or the interests of a third party. If there is something specific about your circumstances that leads you to object to this processing, as you believe it infringes upon your fundamental rights and freedoms, you have the right to do so. This is especially relevant when your personal situation raises concerns regarding the impact of this processing.
    Furthermore, you also possess the right to object if we are processing your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. In such instances, you can voice your objection to this processing. It's worth noting that there may be instances where we can demonstrate compelling and legitimate reasons for processing your data that outweigh your rights and freedoms. In these cases, we may continue processing your data even if you have objected, but we will carefully assess and balance these factors to ensure a fair and respectful approach to your privacy rights.

  • Request restriction of processing your personal data - Certainly, we value your rights regarding your personal data and recognize that there are various circumstances in which you might wish to exert control over its handling. Here are several scenarios in which you can request specific actions related to your data:

    • Verification of Data Accuracy: If you harbor doubts about the accuracy of the personal data we hold about you, you have the right to request that we verify and ensure its correctness. This is particularly significant to maintain the integrity of your information and guarantee that the data we possess accurately mirrors your identity.

    • Retention Despite Illegality: In instances where our utilization of your personal data is categorized as unlawful, but you have compelling reasons to retain it, you hold the prerogative to request its continued retention. This might stem from unique circumstances where you perceive the data to still have a relevant purpose for your needs.

    • Retaining Data for Legal Claims: There could be circumstances where you wish us to uphold your personal data, even if its initial purpose has diminished. This situation arises when you anticipate requiring the data for future legal claims, exercises, or defensive actions. By making such a request, you ensure that the information remains accessible when the need arises.

    • Verification of Legitimate Grounds: In situations where you express objections to the way we are processing your personal data, we undertake an evaluation to determine whether there are prevailing, legitimate, and compelling reasons that take precedence over your objections. This showcases our commitment to balancing your rights with our legitimate interests.

    In certain scenarios, you are entitled to exercise your rights under data protection laws with respect to your personal data. These rights provide you with a degree of control over how your data is handled and used. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these rights, we offer detailed information through the links provided below.

    By exploring these resources, you can gain insights into the scope and implications of each right, empowering you to make informed decisions about your personal data. At Flexvill LTD, we prioritize transparency and respect for your data privacy, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these rights to ensure your data is treated in accordance with your preferences and expectations.

    In all these circumstances, Flexvill LTD is unwavering in our commitment to addressing your concerns and upholding your rights as stipulated by data protection laws. Our objective is to foster a transparent and collaborative partnership, granting you the agency to influence the processing of your personal data in harmony with your preferences and specific situations.

  • Request transfer of your personal data - If you desire, you can request the transfer of your personal data from Flexvill LTD. In this scenario, we will furnish you, or a third party designated by you, with your personal data in a format that is structured, easily comprehensible, and machine-readable. It's important to note that this right is applicable exclusively to automated information for which you initially granted consent for us to use, or in situations where the information was employed to fulfill a contract we had with you.

  • Rights in relation to automated decisions Regarding rights in relation to automated decisions, please be aware that there are certain procedures within Flexvill LTD that incorporate automated decision-making mechanisms. However, it's important to note that we are committed to transparency and will always ensure that you are duly informed about any decision reached through automated means. Our dedicated staff members will provide you with detailed insights into the rationale behind such decisions.
    If you wish, you have the option to request that we refrain from employing automated decision-making processes in your case. It's worth considering that while this choice is entirely yours, opting out of automated decision-making might have an impact on the swiftness with which certain decisions can be reached. We value your right to be in control of your data-related choices and aim to provide you with a well-informed and empowering experience.

  • Right to withdraw consent - You possess the right to retract your previously given consent under Flexvill LTD's data processing. It's important to recognize that this action will not impact the legality of any processing that was conducted prior to your withdrawal of consent. Should you choose to withdraw your consent, it's essential to understand that there might be instances where we're unable to offer specific products or services to you. If this situation arises, we will duly inform you at the moment of your consent withdrawal. Please note that your decision to withdraw consent is a significant factor in shaping your data processing preferences and the services you receive.

Should you desire to engage any of the aforementioned rights, kindly reach out to us at Flexvill LTD. It's important to understand that we will maintain a record of your request to exercise your rights, along with our response. This practice is in place to showcase our commitment to fulfilling our data protection responsibilities. Furthermore, this record serves as a means to effectively manage any inquiries, grievances, or assertions related to your request. The retention of this record is in alignment with our outlined retention policies, ensuring the responsible management of your personal data throughout its lifecycle.

Normally, there is no charge associated with these actions

Accessing your personal data or exercising any of the aforementioned rights will not necessitate any payment. Nonetheless, there might be instances where we could impose a reasonable fee if your request is evidently baseless, repetitive, or goes beyond a reasonable extent. Alternatively, if your request falls within these categories, we may choose to decline its fulfillment.

Information We Might Request from You

To facilitate the confirmation of your identity and validate your entitlement to access your personal data (or exercise any other rights), we might require specific information from you. This step is taken as a security precaution to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal data to individuals who lack the authorization to receive it. It's possible that we might reach out to you to solicit additional details related to your request. This contact might be initiated to expedite our response to your inquiry.

Response Timeframe

Our endeavor is to address all valid requests within a span of one month. However, there might be instances when the resolution of your request might extend beyond a month, especially if your query is intricate in nature or if multiple requests have been submitted. In such scenarios, we will promptly inform you about the situation and ensure that you are regularly updated on the progress of your request.

Complaints and contact details


Should you have any concerns regarding the manner in which we handle your personal data, we encourage you to get in touch with our Data Protection Officer at Our aim is to address and resolve any issues promptly and effectively. If, for any reason, we are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you retain the right to escalate your concern to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). If you require additional guidance on how to contact the ICO, please feel free to inform us, and we will be more than willing to assist.

Contact details

Should you find yourself with questions, comments, or specific requests related to any aspect outlined within this Privacy Policy, we want to assure you that your communication is both welcomed and valued. We encourage you to take the initiative and get in touch with us. Your feedback, inquiries, and requests play an essential role in our ongoing commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring your privacy.

To initiate contact, you can easily compose an email to Whether you're seeking clarifications, expressing concerns, or seeking information, this email avenue offers a direct line of communication to our team.

Alternatively, if you prefer traditional correspondence, you're welcome to send a written message addressed to the Data Protection Officer at Flexvill LTD. This written form of communication can be directed to the address on the contact-us page: Click here.

Your engagement matters, and we are dedicated to providing you with the assistance, answers, and support you may need. By reaching out, you contribute to a collaborative relationship that prioritizes your data privacy and overall experience. We look forward to hearing from you and addressing any inquiries you may have.

Particulars of Transportation Partners and Drivers

The subsequent information provides further insights into the privacy specifics concerning our Transport Partners and Drivers. It serves as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, our Privacy Policy.

The additional information that we collect

The additional personal information that we might gather and utilize comprises:

  • The range of data that falls under the category of Identity Data is quite comprehensive. This includes various pieces of information that help us understand your background and credentials more thoroughly. For instance, we might collect and use employment references, which provide insights into your work history and professional experience. Additionally, the outcomes of background checks, which shed light on your past activities and associations, also fall within this realm. All this information combined helps us ensure the reliability and suitability of our Transport Partners and Drivers.

  • When it comes to Financial Data, we delve into specific aspects that contribute to a well-rounded understanding of your financial standing. This can encompass crucial details like vehicle insurance information, which showcases your commitment to responsible vehicle ownership. Similarly, utility bill information can provide insights into your residential stability and payment history. Moreover, we also examine the results of credit checks, which give us an indication of your financial reliability and history. This comprehensive approach to Financial Data ensures that our Transport Partners and Drivers are equipped to handle their responsibilities with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

  • Technical Data forms another integral part of the information we collect. In the modern digital landscape, communication plays a pivotal role. Thus, we pay close attention to the content of communications and the metadata associated with them, particularly those generated through our App. This helps us ensure that the communication channels remain secure and free from any misuse or breach. By analyzing Technical Data, we can also work towards optimizing our services and enhancing the overall user experience.

In summary, the additional personal data we collect and use about our Transport Partners and Drivers spans across various dimensions, including Identity Data, Financial Data, and Technical Data. Each category contributes crucial insights that enable us to ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of our services. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of these aspects enhances the trust between us and our Transport Partners, creating a more secure and seamless transportation experience for everyone involved.

How we use personal data

We will solely employ your personal data in situations permitted by law. Typically, we will utilize your personal data in the subsequent circumstances:

We adhere to a principled approach when it comes to utilizing your personal data, ensuring that every step we take is in accordance with the law and respects your rights. Our usage of your personal data is guided by various scenarios that reflect our commitment to transparency, fairness, and responsibility.

  • Performance of Contract: We employ your personal data when it's essential for the performance of a contract. This includes situations where we are about to enter into an agreement or have already established a contract with you. This approach ensures that the terms and conditions of our contractual relationship are effectively executed, leading to a smooth and reliable partnership.

  • Partnership Engagement: Additionally, our engagement with your personal data extends to the realm of partnerships between Flexvill LTD and Transport Partners. When Transport Partners provide you, a valued Driver, with access to the App, we may need to process relevant data to facilitate this collaborative ecosystem. This approach not only fosters a cohesive environment but also enables the seamless functioning of our services.

  • Legitimate Interests: Furthermore, we may utilize your personal data when it aligns with our legitimate interests or those of a third party. This decision is meticulously weighed against considerations of your fundamental rights and interests, ensuring that there is no infringement. This balanced approach underscores our commitment to providing you with valuable services while safeguarding your privacy and rights.

  • Legal Obligations: Last but not least, we recognize the significance of complying with legal obligations. In this regard, we may use your personal data to fulfill our legal responsibilities as mandated by applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that our operations are in accordance with the legal framework, and we meet our obligations with integrity and diligence.

In conclusion, our utilization of your personal data is characterized by a multidimensional approach that spans contractual obligations, partnerships, legitimate interests, and legal compliance. This approach not only underscores our commitment to your rights and privacy but also highlights our dedication to building a trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

To learn more about the categories of legal grounds we depend on for processing your personal data, please click here.

Our approach to processing your personal data is primarily based on legal foundations other than consent. This ensures that your data is handled in accordance with the law while respecting your privacy. However, there's a specific scenario where we do seek your consent – when it comes to sending you third-party direct marketing communications via email or text messages. In these instances, we want to ensure that you have full control over the information you receive.

We value your autonomy in deciding the type of communications you wish to receive, which is why we ask for your consent for this particular purpose. It's worth highlighting that you have the complete right to withdraw your consent for marketing activities whenever you choose. If you ever decide that you no longer wish to receive such communications, you can easily do so by getting in touch with us. Your preferences matter to us, and we're here to respect and accommodate them.

Activities Lawful Bases for Processing
For Transport Partners:
Decision-making and Contract Administration Performance of a contract with you
Payment Processing Performance of a contract with you
Necessary to comply with a legal obligation
Facilitating Customer Communication Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Providing the purchased service to the customer
Performance Review and Complaint Resolution Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Maintaining high service levels, managing complaints
Legal Compliance and Dispute Resolution Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Maintaining high service levels, managing complaints, Complying with legal and regulatory obligations
For Drivers:
Contract Administration Performance of a contract
Enabling Customer Communication Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Providing the purchased service to the customer
Performance Review and Conflict Resolution Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Maintaining high service levels, managing complaints
Communication Record Keeping Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Maintaining high service levels, managing complaints
Legal Compliance Performance of a contract with you
Legitimate Interest: Maintaining high service levels, managing complaints, Complying with legal and regulatory obligations

In essence, these activities demonstrate our commitment to providing a seamless, secure, and trustworthy platform for both Transport Partners and Drivers. Our approach is rooted in contractual obligations, legitimate interests, and legal compliance, ensuring a balanced and responsible processing of personal data.

Who we share your personal data with

In addition to the primary privacy policy, we regularly disclose personal information to:

We recognize the significance of transparent and responsible data sharing practices. In addition to our main privacy policy, we have established procedures for sharing personal data with Customers in specific instances that are crucial for the smooth operation of our services. These data sharing practices are governed by a commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that data is used only for its intended purposes.

  • Fulfilling Transportation Services: At times, it becomes necessary to share certain data with Customers to facilitate the provision of the transportation services they have requested. This sharing of data is meticulously controlled, and the information exchanged is limited to what is essential for completing the transportation service. Moreover, this data is retained only for the duration required to ensure the successful execution of the service. The utmost care is taken to ensure that data is transmitted securely, using established encryption and protection measures. This process guarantees that the exchanged data remains confidential and is used solely to fulfill the requested transportation service.

  • Facilitating Employment and Customer Communication: Beyond transportation services, we also share data that is pivotal for your job-related interactions and customer communication. This sharing of data plays a vital role in enabling your employment opportunities and allowing Customers to connect with you regarding job-related matters. As with transportation services, this data sharing is underpinned by a commitment to privacy. The shared data is employed exclusively for the purpose of facilitating your employment and job-related communication with Customers. It is retained only as long as necessary to ensure the completion of the job and associated tasks. The secure means through which this data is shared ensures that your privacy is maintained throughout the process.

In essence, our data sharing practices with Customers are designed to uphold the principles of privacy, security, and purpose-based utilization. Each instance of data sharing is intricately tied to specific purposes, ensuring that data is not used beyond what is necessary for the task at hand. This approach fosters trust between all parties involved and reinforces our dedication to responsible data handling within the context of transportation services and employment opportunities.

Other Info

Incorporating responsible data sharing practices is essential to us. Apart from our main privacy policy, we've outlined specific procedures for sharing data with Customers, vital for seamless service operations. Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and using data solely for its intended purposes is paramount.

This includes data sharing for efficient transportation services, where only necessary information is exchanged, retained briefly, and transmitted securely. Similarly, we facilitate job-related interactions and customer communication through data sharing, ensuring privacy and optimal service.

We encourage you to explore our other policies, as they reflect our dedication to transparency, trust, and responsible data handling. These policies collectively form the foundation of our commitment to your privacy and a secure user experience.

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